Traditional Weavings

Traditional weavings are found in many parts of Indonesia. The village of Sukarare, famous for beautiful and artistic weavings, in is located in central Lombok. Other Lombok villages specializing in cloth weaving are Sukarare, Pringgasela, and Rambitan/Sade. Here you will find traditional woven products with fine motifs and traditional family designs. Weaving is an art handed down from many generations and each family has its own unique design reflected in the finished product. The weavings are used as wall hangings, blankets, pillows, bags, and table covers.

Weaving are made from materials like cotton, silk with gold and silver yarn as well as fibers of local plants and trees. It can take an artist from several days to several weeks to finish a weaving, so you'll be surprised to find how inexpensive they are to purchase at the onsite gallery. Regardless of the starting prices, don't forget to NEGOTIATE!

A young local artist is working on a large hand-woven design. It will take her about a week to finish thie piece.

Blankets and other large designs are woven on this "automated" loom.

Before the yarn is dyed, the artist ties off areas that will be dyed in a second process with a lighter color. At this stage, the artist is working with individual strands of yarn. The steps of this process are similar to Batik, however the artist is using small strips of plastic to protect the areas they don't want stained and the dying is done before the fabric is woven.
Once the yarn is dyed, it is hung to dry, each bunch of strands isolated in order to maintain the integrity of the design.

The individual strands of yarn are then put onto the loom, where the artist begins the weaving.

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